A collection of websites
that I've created


websites that I've created

SOAR.HOST Front-end

Grow your Minecraft community on our high performance

NEWHost Front-end

For selling

Freak Hosting Front-end

For selling

FlashyNode Front-end

Create Your Dream Server With Ease

HoneyNode Front-end

No text

PrismaNode Front-end

At Prisma Nodes, we offer the best Minecraft Server.

PlugHost Front-end

Start your very own game server fast and cheap today.

VisionNode Front-end & WHMCS

Vision Node Inc. Strives on professionalism and quality over quantity.

Terracats NFT Front-end

Soon some text.

Server Komet Front-end

ServerKomet er et nyt brand, som hører under Tideo ApS.


Each Terranoid is a unique piece of 3D digital artwork which has been randomly generated.

RocketNode Hosting Front-end

Website made for RocketNode company from Canada who selling high quality game servers at a low price.

ServerStarter Hosting Front-end & WHMCS

SSH wanted their site to look more modern and gaming style. The WHMCS System also got a new redesign with site-like colors.

SAGANETWORK Hosting Front-end

The old site was very poorly done, and now the site is made to look very powerful and attractive to other clients.

NorthernServers Hosting WHMCS

My old friend / client who wanted to swich from Larw Theme to a custom theme.His theme is now great and enjoying the new look.


My good friend from Bosnia wanted a unique theme for his Hosting which sells game servers, web hosting and teamspeak.


WHMCS Theme that was made to sell my whmcs themes.

Gorilla Holders Front-end

They are algorithmically generated 1,063 gorillas who are living on the Terra blockchain.

EkoStroj Front-end

The company is engaged in recycling and production of profiles, columns and slabs - floor and wall coverings from recycled materials.

InfinitySpa Front-end

InfinitySpa apartment with a fully equipped apartment with living room and bedroom.

Institut IMS Front-end

Laboratory specializes in testing in the field of thermal protection in construction as well as in the field of passive fire protection.

XenoPerf Hosting Front-end

A company that sells fast web servers and games at very reasonable prices.

HZ Hosting Front-end

A simple website design for HZ Hosting Hungary Company.

SkyHost Front-end

A simple website design for SkyHost Hungary Company.

CyperHost Front-end

Our services are provided best server performance wherever you are.

SPIXO Hosting Front-end

A unique landing page made for web hosting that contains many animated elements.

Ruzenkov2 Template WHMCS

The theme for WHMCS Billing is made in a gaming style that has pages for games and web hosting.

Something Host Front-end

A site made for the company Something host that sells game servers,VPS and discord bots.

Rain Host Front-end

Redesig Lagom Theme for a Canadian company that selling vps and rdp servers.

US Game Hosting WHMCS

WHMCS Template made for US Game Hosting company that sells game servers.

TriumphNode Front-end

Triumphnode is a Hosting Provider and our goal is to try provide you with the best and help you get your project out there without hassle.

HostKombat Front-end

Triumphnode is a Hosting Provider and our goal is to try provide you with the best and help you get your project out there without hassle.

Stresser Website Front-end

Landing page focused on the Stresser site. Contains animated and attractive things.

Xtream Hosting WHMCS

WHMCS Template made for a client from the United Kingdom who selling cheap game servers.

Windows Licences WHMCS

WHMCS Template made for a client from the United Kingdom who selling windows keys and windows servers.

Porn Monster WHMCS

WHMCS Template made for a client from the United Kingdom who selling porn chanells.

Feed Hosting WHMCS

WHMCS template that is done in gaming style. It has only a neat home page and the whole whmcs system in the same color.

Ruzenkov1 Hosting WHMCS

Redesigned Lagom theme that was used for my hosting. This template is not for sale!

Ghetto RolePlay Front-end

Site made for SA:MP Server that provides great mode and socializing on the server.

MineFR Front-end

My good friend from France wanted an attractive site that sells great minecraft servers at a very low price.

AMD Hosting Front-end

Simple and unique Game Hosting website.

First WHMCS Template WHMCS

This is where I started! My first WHMCS theme done for a client from America.

Game Hosting Template Front-end

Game Hosting Landing site that you can download!

Company Name WHMCS

WHMCS Template containing pages for game servers.

Game4Cloud Front-end

HTML Website made for the Game4Cloud company that sells game servers.

TMN Front-end

HTML Template coming soon for free download.

VanityNodes WHMCS

WHMCS Template made for VanityNodes and I never even saw where the theme was set.

Game Clan HU WHMCS

One of the first whmcs topics I made for a company from Hungary (I forgot who they are).

Vyper Hosting Front-end

Some text here.

Larw Hosting WHMCS

Game & Web, VPS Hosting for WHMCS.You can order this template for $50 on my market.

PIXO World Front-end & Back-end

Website for Minecraft Server have Blog for adding your post and edit stuff on site.

Varadero Hosting Front-end

This is my first unique website design made for graduation work.

Minecraft Website Front-end & Back-end

First my Minecraft Website working in 5.6 PHP have adding your post and edit Facebook Page and LIVE API for your MC Server.